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We create a space for all learning experiences to be discovered and validated.


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To develop a strategic plan for the Hifa Distributed Learning Ecosystem
To apply and read through the process of becoming a Distributed Cooperative
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To create a directory of learning experiences which align with Hifa learning ethos

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Striving to network amazing place based learnin...


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There is no question about it. Learning happens everywhere, and oftentimes the best learning experiences occur outside the full time job we have subjected our early lives to, namely school. Hifa is a cohesive platform so that each learner finds what they need to have the best learning experience for them.

The Challenge
Education has the opportunity to be more diverse and individualized than ever before, but our institutions (ie. schools) don’t jive with this. Instead, learners live overly crowded lives in two worlds: that of full time schooling and that of extra-curricular activities.

The Solution

Hifa is an online platform which will help find and schedule learning experiences from diverse practioners, provide a dynamic and up to date transcript of the activities, and connect learners to build a learning community that exists without bounds.

How does it work?
Browse the App for learning experiences that connect with the learning you wish to pursue. Find courses that meet your needs, whether those are the theme or topic of the course, the duration, the age range, or distance from your home.
The learning experiences found on Hifa can form a complete learning solution for you, or can be supplemental to the amazing learning you are already doing. The choice is up to you. 



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Noan Fesnoux

Striving to network amazing place based learnin...