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Howard Pyle

Founder of ExperienceFutures


I'm the founder of Experience Futures (XF). Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the digital tools necessary for a healthy, successful, and empowered life. We work to bridge the digital divide for diverse user groups, including older adults, individuals with disabilities and neurodiversity, and mobile-only users from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Through education, research, and community building, we aim to close the digital divide and make digital experiences more inclusive and accessible for all.

Before founding XF, I was SVP of Global CX & Design at MetLife, where I was responsible for leading brand and experience design, UX, and front-end platforms. Prior to MetLife, I led a network of design studios and developer marketing at IBM. Before that, I was a Senior Partner at Ogilvy, leading global digital platforms.

In addition to my corporate roles, I spent ten years in startups and agencies. All of these experiences, whether in established corporations or startups, have reinforced my passion for improving the accessibility and inclusiveness of digital experiences.