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hREA MMR Work Progress Reporting | May 15 - May 31, 2022
Published on June 1, 2022 by Pegah

For the period of May 15 - May 31, the MMR (the first Major Milestone Release) team has accomplished the following:

1. Feature work for an Economic Module called Plan (see below for more information).

2. The automated system which verifies the proper functioning of all hREA code is fully operational and that all checks are positive (that previously were negative). This makes sure the system is fully operational and doesn’t produce unexpected errors. In technical terms these checks are known as the Integration Tests.

The team also made preparations for the upcoming areas of work. Stay tuned for more updates.

hREA Economic Modules

The Economic Modules in hREA framework can be mixed and matched in track and tracing of any economic flows, based on the needs and context of that specific economic flow.


Plan is a hREA Economic Module which is the pre-execution phase in an economic flow, and is defined by Commitments and Processes.

Commitment represents a future event that needs to occur in order to fulfill the Plan. It contains references to specific times. It could also potentially include reference to location.
For example, using 500 grams of flour to make 700 grams of bread dough at a certain time is a Commitment.

Process is transforming an input(s) into an output(s). 
For example, steps taken to make bread dough from raw ingredients is a Process. Baking a loaf of bread from start of finish contains a number of Processes.