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NVDA to stop HS2

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HS2 is a vanity project which will cost between approximately £108/200 billion taxpayer pounds to shave just a few minutes off journey times between London and Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester. 108 ancient woodlands will be destroyed in the process and it will not be carbon neutral until well into the next century. 

We are in the middle of a climate and ecological emergency and a global pandemic caused by how we treat wildlife, yet HS2 Ltd and the UK Government continues to carry out non-essential work, endangering the lives of communities, wildlife habitats, protestors, and irreplaceable ecosystems across the country. 

Since the government announced that we must #StayAtHome to protect the NHS, hundreds of HS2 employees have continued construction work and failing to adhere to the social distancing measures implemented to slow and reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

Please help us fund the brave work of HS2 Rebellion earth protectors. 

All monies raised will go towards supporting HS2 Rebellion Actions, this includes buying essential safety equipment needed to carry out peaceful non-violent direct action, to stop the climate and ecological devastation caused by the construction of HS2. 

Why must we do NVDA to stop HS2? 
Because no matter how many petitions we fill in, MP's we lobby, celebrities speak out, no matter how many court appeals we do, it's still not enough to stop HS2.  
We need a combination of these and other tactics to win.
As many successful movements in the past have proven such as the Suffragettes, the civil rights movement, Gandhi, the list is endless... we need mass peaceful civil disobedience to win. 
To find out more then check on our social media for our next nvda workshop.

Please read our HS2 Rebellion Action agreement here.

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