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Open Collective

Human Care Collective of WRC

We organize to take community ownership of care practices and organize community delivered health processes in Philadelphia working class neighborhoods.


Healing Spaces

WRC members exploited by the for-profit healthcare system are collaborating with labor unions, community organizations, herbalists, healthcare professionals, and local farmers to organize unionized, community owned healing spaces, equipment, and resources to make quality humanized care a reality across all cultural or economic statuses.

Holistic Healing Spaces
A robust network of trauma care healing spaces through cooperatively directed and community-delivered healing processes that is capable of engaging Philadelphia neighbors through respectful, financially non-exploitative, and holistic care.

Preventative Care Knowledge Transmission
Through intersectional organizing of critical care experiences, we are unionizing our available social, economic, and physical weapons to disrupt echo chambers politicizing healthcare. We are mobilizing our collective experiences with the for-profit healthcare industry in favor of equitable community health outcomes using mutual-aid infrastructure development of holistic care practices.


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Healing Spaces Organizing

Contribute to creating community owned & operated trauma care spaces of feedback circles for mental healing, obtaining preventative resources, and ... Read more

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Your $25 contribution will provide access to vital health services. A little goes a long way! For example, $25 can cover a 1 month supply of medica... Read more

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$100 for Mental Trauma Care

Your $100 contribution will provide access to vital mental healing services. For example, $100 can cover the cost of a therapy session for a Philad... Read more

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Your contribution of $500 or more will provide the means to organize more large scale healthcare events as well as provide equipment and supplies t... Read more


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