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Young Belgian developer mainly interested in web, mobile and IOT technologies. I like to share and learn so come challenge me !


I am a young developer living in 🇧🇪 Belgium. I am passionate of IT, which you can quickly understand if you google-search me: I maintain a personal blog about IT and try to have a strong presence in the open-source world.

I like to talk with end users to understand their needs, and tailor the solution to resolve their problems. I believe that it is necessary to understand the domain and expertise for which we work in order to make a digital solution that is useful and reliable.

On my spare time I enjoy helping others understand concepts, learn new things or build up their ideas. I also do some sports like cycling 🚴‍♂ or going to the gym 🏋‍♂. I am trying to be a good cook 👨‍🍳 because I absolutely love eating. Hope we’ll get to know each other around a meal!!