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We're recruiting fellows based on talent, and we don't want to exclude anyone based on wealth, so there is no cost to attend the program. Our budgeting needs are relatively small, thanks to our generous instructors and speakers who are all volunteering their time! Beyond that, we would like to provide a few group meals, trips, and activities during the program itself to foster a strong sense of community among the fellows. These are the future founders of amazing companies, and we want them to feel comfortable with one another so that they can create the bonds that will lead to lasting partnerships! We're so grateful for your support!


If this is your first time supporting an OpenCollective, you should definitely explore the site and read about their mission! Their initiative is all about transparency and access, so anyone can contribute and see where their money is being spent! We loved their initiative so much that we invited Xavier, the founder of OpenCollective, to speak during the fellowship! We're so glad to have him aboard, and we're huge fans of the service!

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