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Infinite Conversations is a community media platform dedicated to nourishing the life of the mind, soul, and spirit through collaborative dialogue.

The forum serves as a hub for our platform cooperative, COSMOS, as well as a discussion zone for our journal of consciousness, literature, and art, METAPSYCHOSIS and participatory blogging platform, A THEORY OF EVERYBODY (coming soon). We also host podcasts, readings groups, a movie club (coming soon), live conversations, and creative collaborations.

We are currently seeking people to host sub-channels in our Infinite Commons, start podcasts, lead reading groups, write, curate, and produce media. We want to catalyze a thriving intellectual space!


It's free to create a basic account on Infinite Conversations, which lets you check out the community and reply to any public topic. To become a full member, contribute $2/month or more and you can initiate new topics, as well as participate in cooperative governance and other subversive activities.

Sponsor-level contributors are not only beloved for their generosity, but can also apply to have their own sub-channel or private group. This is a good option for partner projects that relate to the mission of COSMOS and need a dedicated discussion area, but want to save themselves the trouble of setting up their own forum.


Our main monthly expense is forum hosting with While Discourse is open-source software, and we could technically host it ourselves for lower cost, by hosting with the Discourse team we support their ongoing development of the software, while minimizing the web admin time required on our end.

Other expenses specific to this project include video conferencing, media storage, and various web services (email list, etc.). With additional funds, we intend to continue developing and integrating the overall platform, to create as good an experience of INFINITE CONVERSATIONS as possible.

Topics we explore include...

Philosophy, literature, art, consciousness, open-source, co-ops, creative democracy, integral theory, anarchism, social poetics, mindful technologies, spherology, psychedelic studies, ecology and permaculture, complexity and systems theory, alternative currencies, developmental and depth psychologies, weird studies, science fiction and fantasy, music and film, politics and society, civilizations, cosmology, personal narrative, feminism, indigenous spiritualities, sex and gender studies, critical realism, folklore and mythology, post-capitalist economics, visionary culture, global/local liberation movements, and the beat goes on... ∞ (let's add to this list)


Meet the awesome people that are bringing the community together! 🙌


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