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Open Collective

Inter-Beingness / Monthly Connections (Feb 15 2023)

A virtual territory where we build collective resilience together

Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (UTC+00:00)
Fiscal Host: Transition Network


In a time of great planetary transformation, this is a space to go beyond mind… over the thoughts and through the flow of the heart. Conscious of the power of building resilience together, letting yourself enjoy the connection, the silence, the moment to just be here.

Inviting everybody and all kinds of Life Caring Activism to be nourished and find a space of regeneration meeting once a month to share creativity, healing, inspiration, challenges, grieving, joy, nature or whatever is alive in us together. And then, ready to continue our sacred journey in day by day life.

Interbeingness is a series of events taking place every 3rd Wednesday of the month:
  • Feb 15th
  • Mar 15th
  • April 19th
  • May 17th
All of them from 3:00 to 4:30pm UTC. Please check your local time.
You are very welcome to join any session you feel called to.

These are online gatherings taking place on Zoom.
Please RSVP to receive the access link and more information.
* Wordcloud from one of our check-out sharings

We are the Inner Transition Circle, part of Transition Network. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Part of our work is volunteer and most of our paid work depends on donations. If you feel the call to make a ticket donation we'll be deeply grateful. If you don't or cannot afford it please don't feel any pressure. We'll be very grateful for the contribution of your presence and energy!

In the meantime...
Stay engaged with us on the Transition Network Virtual Platform!
Keep the connection going, and support the growth of your Transition Movement Community of Being and Practice


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from Inter-Beingness / Monthly Connections (Feb 15 2023)

Updates on our activities and progress.

Inter-Beingness Monthly Connections Reminder

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