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Iron Path Farms 2024 Operating Costs

Support our traditional Haudenosaunee and Lenape corn beans and squash seed grow outs, our vegetable and herb production for mutual aid distribution to communities across NYS, the expansion of our indigenous seedbank, and public events.


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In 2024, we are scaling up and expanding our vegetable and herb production and better support our growing indigenous rematration seed bank. We utilize your funding to cover our operating costs, such as physical labour, soil amendments, organizing volunteer events, admin, applying for grants, building a network of BIPOC farmers, in-house social media marketing, facilitating an indigenous cooking lab, our processing of seed, storing seed bank, mutual aid distribution of food, seeds, herbs to black and indigenous communities across NYS. In 2024, we will be working with a collective of Lenape women to grow out their Lenape corn in the Hudson Valley. We are seeking additional funds to secure land (lease) for a long term home for our project, structures such as 50' high tunnel to extend our season, and securing a rental of a processing facility for our food lab, herb mutual aid projects, and vegetable production. We are also dreaming of funding to create educational and consistent public components to continue to expand our network in the tri-state area (Lenapehoking , Haudenosaunee territory). 

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