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Baghdad Skatepark Update
Published on March 15, 2022 by Kali Rubaii

Greetings from Iraq! Here is an update on the skatepark: 

Our most recent meeting with government officials confirmed a single park location -- we are very pleased with the section of land allocated and eager to break ground. Final papers are still delayed: the capital’s notorious bureaucracy is living up to its reputation. While there are signs of progress, we have made a decision to set a deadline for June 1. If, by then, the Baghdad municipality is unable to move forward, we will relocate the project to one of several other Iraqi cities asking for a skatepark.  If this happens, we will offer the opportunity for refunds on donations for anyone not wanting to fund the new location. We are so thankful for your support, and excited to show you the lively skate scene we continue to support in Iraq in 2022! 

Love, Kali