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Open Collective
Update: Towards a Baghdad Skatepark in 2022!
Published on December 21, 2021 by Ross Caputi

Dear friends,

After weeks of delays due to the crises that followed Iraq’s election, we’ve resumed meetings with the municipal government of Baghdad. We are very excited to have finally confirmed the location of our future skatepark in a secure and accessible park area of central Baghdad! 

We are also thrilled to announce that Make Life Skate Life, who we have worked with in the past, is coming onto the project as a full partner! Their experience and skill will be a huge help with coordinating construction logistics and programming. 

We hope to start pouring some cement soon! But just as before, the size of the park will be contingent on the amount of money we raise. Please continue to help us spread the word and encourage your friends and families to contribute. This holiday season is a perfect opportunity to give to a project that will create a safe and fun place for Baghdad’s youth!

Help us make the Baghdad skatepark a reality in 2022!


The Islah Reparations Project