An issue-based bounty platform for OSS
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An issue-based bounty platform for OSS

We help build a sustainable open source ecosystem. IssueHunt( ) is an issue-based bounty platform for OSS.

Much famous open-source projects such as Jekyll, Material-UI, AntDesign and over 5,000 open-source projects has been participating on IssueHunt.

  1. Add GitHub repositories to IssueHunt. Anyone can tip-in to GitHub issues or earn bounties when submitted pull request gets merged. Bounties will be distributed to maintainer and contributor.

  2. Request a bounty for your GitHub projects. The IssueHunt team will fund your GitHub issues on behalf of sponsors.

--> Add repository:

You can easily put a bounty on not only a bug, but also on OSS feature requests. Collected funds will be distributed to owner:contributor=20%:80% (You can also customize the proportion).

Let’s grow open-source projects together with IssueHunt 🤝

With love, IssueHunt Team