Jason Orth

Proud supporter of  SOCIALMARKET℠, BUCKS℠ and the OPEN COOP.

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I live in Bethlehem, PA home to The Christmas City. I'm a Co-operator at heart. I really didn't know what that meant until recently. Finding OpenCollective.com really solidified my ideas of what a community and a society should look like. Open Collective along with Loomio, #slack and OpenLedgerDEX.com, MeetUp.com helps create the framework needed to effectively change how we interact and build communities.

I'm the co-founder, Co-member and a Community Investor in the OPEN COOP a multi-stakeholder cooperative association that promotes the SOCIALMARKET℠ (the commons) using BUCKS℠. A new fair way to do business in a decentralized manner started 9/24/17.