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Open Collective
2.9.1 version
Published on November 17, 2020 by timofey kachalov

New 2.9.1 version has been released. Strongly recommend you to update to this version.

It contains a bunch of new options related with string array:

* New option: `stringArrayIndexesType` accepts an array of types of string array call indexes

* Changed default type of all string array call indexes from `hexadecimal-numeric-string` to `hexadecimal-number`

* New option: `stringArrayIndexShift` enables additional index shift for all string array calls

* New option: ``stringArrayWrappersParametersMaxCount`` allows to control the maximum number of string array wrappers parameters

* `stringArrayWrappersType: 'function'` option value moved from `high-obfuscation` to `medium-obfuscation` options preset