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"Dip Into Vogue" has been archived.

"Dip Into Vogue" has been archived and is no longer active.

"Dip Into Vogue"

An introductory workshop facilitated by Icon Overall Father Of The Haus Of Alpha Omega Renaldo Maurice

Saturday, June 24, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC-04:00)


Let’s get the ball rolling!

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On behalf of the entire JSNMA Collective team we'd like to thank you all for supporting and pulling up. Stay tuned to our Youtube Channel to see some of the footage. Until our next event...
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Published on June 25, 2023 by NiiLee

Are You Ready To Vogue?!

The JSNMA Collective takes New York! We're excited to see you all today to learn the art of vogue. The event will start promptly at 1pm. Please arrive early to the Ripley Grier Studios @ 520 8th Ave - 16th floor. We still have spaces availa...
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Published on June 24, 2023 by NiiLee


"Dip Into Vogue: Culture, Survival, Freedom of Expression” - an event where various communities will be enlightened - not only on the elements of Vogue, but its necessity for a communities’ livelihood. 

Vogue - a highly stylized, modern house dance originating in the late 1980s that evolved out of the Harlem Ballroom Scene of the 1960s. Many are enamored by the precise, daring & elegant movements of the dance, yet most don’t understand how Vogue is embedded into the very fabric of LGBTQIA+ liberation. Vogue performance has allowed queer folk the ability to not only express movement in a way like no other, but like their true selves. Ballroom culture is queer culture.

Please join the JeSuisNiiLee Mutual Aid Collective as we partner with Icon, Overall Father of The House of Alpha Omega, Renaldo Maurice, as he instructs a Vogue Class that will awaken your creativity through movement & understanding through education. This class is open to all levels of experience.

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