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I am currently a full-time life coach to my toddler! I graduated (virtually) with my doctorate from the University of Vermont last May 2020, and my concentration was in organizational leadership, systems change, and public policy. I have my masters in public policy from Johns Hopkins University where my concentration was international, immigration, and education policy and specifically how those issues intersect. Additionally, I was a former soccer player at the University of Iowa, a TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) Peace Corps Volunteer in The Kyrgyz Republic, and a Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia where I researched the challenges of implementing a national education curriculum. I moved to Vermont five years ago, after serving the City of Baltimore as the Assistant Deputy Mayor for Health, Human Services, Education, and Youth, during a particularly challenging time for the City in the wake of the police-involved killing of Freddie Gray. Prior to that I was the founding executive director of Soccer Without Borders Maryland a non-profit that serves refugees, asylees, immigrants, and undocumented youth utilizing soccer as the hook to build a variety of other skills: English language, cultural awareness, advocacy, academic, etc. I'm looking forward to working more with all of you, and helping Malick create and implement his beautiful and transformative vision!
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