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We plant trees for people in the Fox Valley at no cost to them. With any money we raise, we want to buy numerous tree species so our community has more free trees to choose from.


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Every year we lose 25% or more trees from animals eating them. A chain-link would stop that prob...

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Greg Killian

Planting one tree at a time, helping one person...


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First Planting Season!

Our first free planting season is quickly approaching. We hope to start planting trees around the middle of April 2023 and finish up the first week of May. So far we have 125 on our initial free tree list!! So many responses. We just have t...
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Published on January 18, 2023 by Greg Killian


“Planting one tree at a time, helping one person at a time.” 
Joyce’s Forest is a group that plants trees for free around the Fox Valley area. Our mission is to plant as many trees as we can to help improve our Earth with any extra money that we can raise during the process goes to buying next year's trees and helping buy winter coats for the homeless. Established in 2022, we look forward to our first year of planting and help enrich our community. We have received more silver maple tree requests than we could have imagined. From planting trees on local colleges, small businesses and donating trees to Girl Scout troops, Joyce’s Forest is happy to be helping over 100 people in our first year and hoping to plant over 500 trees in the next four years. We will only exist with the help from our community. Feel like you might want us to plant a tree for you or want to volunteer? Please contact us on Facebook, our website, or through email. 
We are proud to be an adopt-a-highway program keeping a 2.5 mile stretch of highway 44 in Utica, Wi clean. Working hard to keep our roads clean and we are always looking for volunteers to help. 
Future Joyce’s Projects: Free pop-up libraries in Ripon neighborhoods, Joyce’s fridge, (free food for community) and candy vending machines with proceeds buying trees that are planted in the Fox Valley area.  

My mother Joyce, passed away unexpectedly in 2012. She spent most of her adult life as a teacher. She loved helping young kids develop into the adults they were meant to become. She and I always had a connection with trees, so Joyce’s Forest was born in her memory. I miss her every day and if we can plant some trees to make this world a better place; then I know she is smiling down on all of us.  
Donations Welcomed 
Joyce’s Forest is always accepting monetary donations, in addition to any small tree that can be removed easily, any tree seeds, or anyone who is willing to let us air-layer a few tree branches would be extremely helpful! 
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Greg Killian

Planting one tree at a time, helping one person...