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JSON Schema 2020-12 released 🎉
Published on February 23, 2021 by Ben Hutton

If OpenAPI developments are something you're interested in, you'll probably have noticed by now that OpenAPI 3.1.0 has been released. It uses JSON Schema draft 2020-12, but the keen-eyed among you will have noticed that the website hadn't been updated to even mention 2020-12, and there had been no release news published.

The website was updated a few days ago, so it's about time ya'll got a release update, so here we go.

JSON Schema draft 2020-12 has been released! 🎉

JSON Schema 2020-12 sets a new stable foundation for JSON Schema moving forward.

On our last update, we called on you, the community, to provide feedback on 2020-12 rc1, which you did! In fact, I was personally blown away by the level of scrutiny and detail in the feedback provided, and that's one of the reasons I was so excited to publish 2020-12.

The OpenAPI Initiative also have since released OpenAPI 3.1.0. Handing back the responsibility of Schemas to JSON Schema, and fully supporting JSON Schema 2020-12, represents a huge effort on both sides, and it's been great to see our collaboration develop over the past few years. I'm certain our collaboration will continue, so stay tuned.

Dialects and Vocabularies are going to make a huge difference for the JSON Schema and API ecosystem.

The OpenAPI Initiative is the first organisation to publish a new vocabulary and dialect, covering a few keywords that are still really important to their userbase, but not part of the JSON Schema specification.

Oh, yes, in releasing updates to the JSON Schema website, we also released the new meta-schema. This was painstakingly reviewed by the team and community! Good job too, as we fixed a few issues along the way.

In personal news, I've decided that the small video series might take a back seat in favour of a JSON Schema Fundamentals ebook. I've watched a few people release ebooks over the past few months, so I speculatively put out a tweet a few days ago suggesting it was possible. It's received way more attention than I'd anticipated, so it looks like I'll be writing a book now.

If you'd like to get updated when there's any progress on this, or a mailing list even, like this tweet:

Keeping it short for now.

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Photo by Eduard Delputte on Unsplash