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Meet us at Apidays Paris 2023!
Published on November 16, 2023 by Benjamin Granados

We are pleased to announce that JSON Schema will be present at API days Paris 2023 with a shared booth collaborating with other Specifications like AsyncAPI! 💣 💣

What is Apidays?
Apidays is the leading business and technology conference series in APIs and the programmable economy and Paris edition is the biggest of the series.

Why we go to Paris?
We are excited about attending the Conference with three clear goals:
  • Connect with JSON Schema and API practitioners to learn about their use cases and spread the word about the huge potential of JSON Schema. 
  • Have meaningful conversations with organizations to learn about how they are using JSON Schema or why they are not using JSON Schema and why not, attract prospect adopters and sponsors.
  • Learn about the AsyncAPI and the OpenAPI conference tracks and explore organizing a JSON Schema track in the future.

Why you should attend?
  • Knowledge Sharing: Learn from industry experts and peers actively involved in API management and OpenAPI specifications.
  • Networking: Connect with a passionate community of API developers, architects, and business stakeholders.
  • Visibility: An opportunity to present your work and insights to a highly specialized and relevant audience.

Are you considering joining the event?
Please come by the booth and let's chat about JSON Schema. If still haven't buy your ticket ping us, we'll share our promo code.

Stay tuned!