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The JSON Schema roadmap for 23-24 šŸŽ‰
Published on November 10, 2023 by Benjamin Granados

We are thrilled to share the JSON Schema roadmap for 23-24 šŸŽ‰

To ensure transparency and inclusivity, we have documented our roadmap on GitHub. You can find all the details and progress updates by visiting the following link šŸ‘‰

The roadmap is a result of a two-day in-person summit, where we identified the biggest problems we should be solving. For those interested in a deeper dive into the summit results we invite you to explore the summit report here.

Our key objectives for 23-24 are:

  • Refine the Contributor's experience
  • Define a strategy to better support implementers
  • Identify a list of critical interfaces that implementations should have
  • Complete the new version of the Spec
  • Publish the new webpage
  • Complete the OpenJS onboarding
  • Research of existing implementations by language
  • Define a sustainability strategy
  • Define and roll out the documentation strategy
  • Implement and scale the new governance model
  • Enhance public communications strategy

We encourage everyone to review the roadmap in this šŸ‘‰ board. Each objective has its own dedicated GitHub issue, and some of the items are already completed like the release of the new JSON Schema website šŸ‘‡ (cool right?)

We are so excited with all the progress made the last months and we are so looking forward to share more progress in the upcoming weeks!

This has been possible because of your support! THANKS!
The journey continues!

Stay tuned!

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on UnsplashĀ