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Tents for our Street Fam

Mutual Aid
from Julian Reyes to Austin Street Works
-$108.22 USD
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Julian Reyes, activist, free press, videographer, documentarist, investigative journalist, police/jail transparency and accountability advocate, etc.

Spent 20 years off an on from poverty on the streets of Austin and Texas.  

Has faced police abuse, police lethal force, and beatings for advocacy and filming events such as the "Black Lives Matter" rally in Austin, Texas.   

As some see, there are many incidents of police overreach, abuse and murders that go unpunished. Creating a cancer in the same police and jail agencies. Bad apples make bad bushels eventually. 

Julian Reyes seeks to bring the light of day to these criminal actions under color of law. To bring Justice to those most marginalized, the streets and marginalized communities. To bring about rapid change through accountability and transparency of government, the law. If the law does not serve us, then we are all the targets of abuse under the law. If the Government does not serve us, then we are only targets of the same governments, which is not what is outlined int he Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions. Both which outline the rights and remedy for us all. 

Join in the fight for Justice and Freedom for All.