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Provides open source software, hardware schematics and information for garden and automation.


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In Tank Sensor

Create low cost, high quality, open source in tank/reservoir PPM/EC/Temp/PH sensor

Water Sensor

Create low cost, high quality, open source water sensors for spills/alerts.

Light Controller

Create low cost, high quality, open source light controller.

Soil Moisture Sensor

Develop low cost, high quality open source moisture sensors.

Improv Wifi Packages

Create packages for common ble setups including react native, react and the moddable sdk. Potenti...

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Beta Launch, Twig V1

We're getting close to beta now, prepping the environmental sensors (called "Twigs") to be assembled and potted. We're super excited to start working on all the fun problems around data ingestion as we start getting larger and larger volume...
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Published on September 7, 2021 by Daniel Ashcraft


The idea that a customer can pay for a device, fix it, maintain it and understand how it works is one of our principal motivations. We believe that a customer's data is theirs and the ability to dictate who receives that data is ultimately their decision as well.

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