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An open, crowd-sourced inventory of government entities in the United States.


Jurisdictional is an open, crowd-sourced inventory of government entities in the United States.

Designed around the notion that big-G Government is one entity from each Citizen's perspective. The complexity of interacting with government is an administrative burden on both the individual and the institution. We can do better.

Jurisidictional begins with ~90,000 Jurisdictions, which is openly available from 50 States, 3200+ Counties, 30,000+ Cities and Towns, plus School Districts, Special Districts, State Assembly Districts, and Federal Congressional Districts. Lots of layers of government - by design. Yes, we can do better.

Each Jurisdiction has: Agencies to operate, and Governing Bodies (like a City Council or Board of Supervisors). Governing Bodies are made of individual Positions (that don't change much over time), but those Positions are staffed by People, whom are elected, hired, or appointed.

Today, this information may or may not exist for each Jurisdiction and Agency. Even today, there are public agencies that are NOT ONLINE. If the information does exist, it can be found on individual agency websites in a variety of formats (most of which are not in suitable "machine-readable" formats). Gathering this information in a canonical repository is a paradigm shift in terms of civic application development, the citizen/representative relationship, and ultimately public service discovery and delivery.



A well informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny. - Thomas Jefferson

Media is increasingly less just a source of information, and it is increasingly more a site of coordination. - Clay Shirky

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