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Ending the ‘friends & family’ fundraising B.S. for Black Founders


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Justice Reskill Launch + ParentPreneur Foundation partner to build app prototypes for Black Founders 

The first stage of any entrepreneur's journey is often bootstrapping your ‘side-hustle’. You are investing your time and if you have it, your hard personal savings. But scaling your business requires investment capital. The first round of seeking investment capital is often called the ‘friends and family’ round - which is made up of wealthy friends and family members or ‘angel investors’ that believe in you or your business. 

But what happens when you don’t have wealthy friends & family or you don’t have access to angel investors? It’s simple, your business doesn’t scale and you miss out on an opportunity to build wealth for you and your family. 

It’s time to make a dent in this problem. Justice Reskill Launch is a software development team with a mission and we are teaming up with the ParentPreneur Foundation to get your idea to the market. 

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