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Kadalu Storage is an Open Source projects collection to make GlusterFS user friendly, scalable and easy to maintain. Kadalu Storage project is started by the core team members of GlusterFS


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Gluster dashboard 1.0 released

Lightweight solution to monitor the health of GlusterFS volumes, bricks and the Cluster. Install easily using the python pip command on any one of the node of the Cluster. Visit the...
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Published on November 12, 2020 by Aravinda Vishwanathapura


Kadalu Storage is a collection of Open Source projects to make GlusterFS user friendly, scalable and easy to maintain. Kadalu Storage project is started by the core team members of GlusterFS

Kadalu Team focused on the following Projects.

1. Kadalu Container Storage - Lightweight Storage solution based on GlusterFS for providing persistent storage for the applications running on Kubernetes. The project is available here

2. Path-based Geo-replication: New design to address the many issues of the existing Gluster Geo-replication solution. The details of the design is available here

3. Moana - Multi cluster-aware external control plane for managing GlusterFS volumes. Moana is a complete rethinking of the Gluster Management layer without the need for existing Glusterd. RFC:

4. Gluster Quota improvements - Gluster Quota is a very interesting solution but there are a few major issues which need to be fixed before calling it as Production ready. RFC is available here

5. Binnacle Test Framework - A test framework focused on the Tester's delight.

6. Gdash - A project focused on providing the Status of the Cluster, Volumes in web UI

7. Monitoring - We are working on providing Monitoring SDK, which can be easily plugged into the existing Monitoring solutions. (Prometheus or Zabbix or any other)

8. Health and Utilization Monitoring - Multi-Cluster aware self-hosted monitoring solution for monitoring the health and utilization of GlusterFS Volumes, Clients etc. Exact same version is available as a Cloud hosted solution from Kadalu.

9. Documentation - We are focusing on well-organized documentation for existing GlusterFS and Kadalu Storage. We also maintain versioned documentation.

10. Gluster Tools - We are focusing on many tools for analysing log files and diagnosing issues quickly.

11. Gstatus - Tool to show detailed information of the Gluster Cluster in CLI.

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