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Receipt #195404 to Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group


Reimbursement #195404

Submitted by KellyApproved by Estelle Coy

Mar 28, 2024

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Lunch Club Payment for 26 members at The Hayloft Giltbrook. 2 course seniors menu with refreshment.
Date: February 28, 2024
£230.31 GBP

Total amount £230.31 GBP

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Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group@kadmag
£2,036.63 GBP

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Bank account

By Kellyon
Expense created
By Estelle Coyon
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By Mei Yee Yauon
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By Mei Yee Yauon
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By Mei Yee Yauon
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Expense Amount: £230.31
Payment Processor Fee: £0.00
Net Amount for Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group: £230.31

Collective balance
£2,036.63 GBP

Fiscal Host
The Social Change Nest

Expense policies

Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group (KADMAG) Expenses Policy This policy will be administered and revised in line with Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group (KADMAG) constitution. It may be updated from time to time to reflect changing circumstances and government guidance.

  1. KADMAG’s Treasurers will only consider expense claims submitted by Street Group Coordinators (SGC) in Kimberley, Nuthall and Watnall or members of KADMAG’s Organising Committee (OC).
  2. SGCs should confirm their details by emailing [email protected]. After verification they will be registered on KADMAG’s Open Collective platform as core contributors and will be able to submit expense claims on behalf of their group or individual volunteers within it.
  3. Everyone should request in-principle approval for expenses before they are incurred by emailing [email protected].
  4. All claims must: a. Not exceed £50. b. Be accompanied by a receipt (and, in the case of travel expenses, detailed justification, i.e. reason for journey and number of miles). c. Be legitimate expenses as defined below.
  5. Legitimate expenses are defined as: a. b. Costs incurred in operating KADMAG: i. The printing of flyers/ posters/ labels; ii. Distribution or travel costs: mileage at 25p per mile, capped at £10 per claim unless otherwise pre-authorised; iii. The establishment of a food bank. iv. Other costs as agreed between the Director and two Treasurers Costs incurred by volunteers by pre-arrangement with the Treasurers. i. To minimise bureaucracy, volunteers should follow KADMAG’s exchange protocols to safely exchange delivered goods for money (see KADMAG Information and Guidelines). ii. However, where a volunteer cannot afford the out-of-pocket expense, or is uncomfortable shouldering the risk of not being repaid, they should request assistance from their Street Group to determine if another volunteer can provide the immediate assistance required. iii. Where the person being helped has the funds to pay but does not have access to cash, the volunteer (if they do not wish to share bank details for a transfer or PayPal details for a payment) may: • Ask the person being helped to donate the amount to KADMAG via the Open Collective platform and forward the receipt to [email protected]. • Claim the expense they have incurred from KADMAG via their SGC, ensuring that they provide a copy of the receipt.

iv. Where a person does not have access to funds, due to no longer being able to work, awaiting benefits claim etc. the volunteer may request the following from the finance team: • Agreement to purchase an emergency food parcel – up to the value of £25. The entire amount requested should be spent on the food parcel, avoiding the need to pay back any outstanding balance. • Make a request for any other emergency requirement, i.e. children’s shoes, clothes etc.

  1. All such requests will be considered on a case by case basis and require justification for the need. Please also note that volunteers should signpost those in need to local organisations that can support in the first instance, i.e. foodbanks. Queries about this policy and allowable expenses can be directed to: [email protected]. It is always better to check in advance than to incur expenses that may not be reimbursed. Adopted by the KADMAG Treasurers Group 08/04/20


How do I get paid from a Collective?
Submit an expense and provide your payment information.
How are expenses approved?
Collective admins are notified when an expense is submitted, and they can approve or reject it.
Is my private data made public?
No. Only the expense amount and description are public. Attachments, payment info, emails and addresses are only visible to you and the admins.
When will I get paid?
Payments are processed by the Collective's Fiscal Host, the organization that hold funds on their behalf. Many Fiscal Hosts pay expenses weekly, but each one is different.
Why do you need my legal name?
The display name is public and the legal name is private, appearing on receipts, invoices, and other official documentation used for tax and accounting purposes.

Collective balance

£2,036.63 GBP
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