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KeeWeb in Q2 2021
Published on May 8, 2021 by Dimitri Witkowski

KeeWeb meets Q2 2021! Here's what's new:

Browser extensions: 
  • our new browser extension KeeWeb Connect is released for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari (more about the extension); 
  • now KeeWeb also can also work with KeePassXC-Browser extension instead of KeePassHttp; 
Performance and stability: 
  • KeeWeb v1.18 has been tested on files with 10'000 entries and more, now you can load big files without memory issues; 
  • engineering: KdbxWeb, the core library used in KeeWeb, has been fully rewritten in TypeScript, this means less issues in future updates and easier maintenance; 
  • full support of KDBX4.1, latest update of the KeePass file format; 
  • better auto-type UI with polished filters block and a message on the Open screen; 
  • other improvements