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Solving Problems Through Education


MOEMOEĀ: VISION? Kia Kotahi Ako charitable trust will help communities in Aotearoa fulfill their visions to better serve humanity and the planet through learning and education. 
To do this, we’re building high-trust relationships with communities to understand their needs and their solutions for change. We’re activating traditional knowledge systems and prototyping alternative ways of learning, so that all children can thrive. 

We’re providing projects with individualised support services, including: 
  1. incubating and piloting new prototypes
  2. leveraging our resources
  3. skills and connections to clear paths and remove red-tape
  4. telling stories to build momentum and shift thinking
  5. funding rangatahi (youth) scholarships and mentoring to support the system-leaders of the future
We’re focused on two key areas: 
  • Impact Area 1: Climate and Science Education
  • Impact Area 2: Equitable Models of Learning and Wellbeing
We are using Open Collective to ensure transparency with our budget plans and spending. Below is detailed breakdown of our Yearly Funding Ask of $400,000. We are starting with commitments of over $85,000 across three years and are looking for others who want to join with this vision, tackle system-level change and solve otherwise impossible problems through education.

Remember that for Edmund Hillary Fellows, philanthropic funding counts towards PRV points. A donation of $15k counts for 0.5 PRV points, $75k counts for 1 point and $200k counts for 2 points (out of 5 needed).

Please reach out to: [email protected] if you would like to discuss further details behind this budget and our vision or to get involved with our mahi. 

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Sarah Grant

Please get in touch to have a chat about fundin...
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Your yearly committment means we can focus our efforts on supporting community projects that will change the system and improve humanity and the pl... Read more

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Joanne McEachen

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Satya Kumar

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Rich Bodo

NZ$21,000 NZD

Homai School

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Kicking off Kia Kotahi Ako

Kia ora e hoa mā, Nau mai, haere mai to the the first of many many things happening already in this first month! We're taking time to build strong foundations and also show that we make things happen. This whakataukī is one tha...
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Published on June 14, 2021 by Sarah Grant


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