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Open Collective
Welcome to Koinonia Mutual Aid!
Published on March 30, 2022 by Sister Kelly Tazuko Marciales

Welcome to Koinonia Mutual Aid! This is a season of beta testing for three months, so we encourage you to not only donate what you can but to submit receipts for reimbursement, apply for direct cash aid through the hardship grant, and offer feedback about the experience and our website. We want feedback about your experience with this prototype so we can incorporate it by making adjustments and refining the process. Thank you for joining and being part of this national network of radical care. 

We also encourage members to have 1-1 conversations with others in this network. Each of you was personally invited to join but not everyone knows each other yet. Koinonia Mutual Aid is based on trust, respect, accountability, and practices an ethic of care. Knowing one another builds that trust and frees us to give out of abundance.

Please reach out to Drew or Kelly if you have any questions!