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Open Collective
Introducing Koko Analytics Pro
Published on October 18, 2023 by Danny van Kooten

Hello everyone,

We have just opened up Koko Analytics Pro for everyone.

That also means it is time to close down this OpenCollective. We have submitted an expense towards the latest invoice for Arne, who has been helping me handle support inqueries for the last decade. After that zeroes out our balance on here, we'll close down the OpenCollective so that no further recurring donation attempts will be made.

If you are currently donating on a recurring basis, first of all let me thank you for your support over the last year! If you would like to continue to help out please considering purchasing Koko Analytics Pro. Pricing starts at €59 per year with heavily discounted plans available for people who would like to run it on a boatload of websites.

Thanks again and I hope to keep seeing you all around on the interwebs!