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Open Collective
Koko Analytics is now on OpenCollective.
Published on August 17, 2022 by Danny van Kooten

Hey all,

For a long time, I viewed Koko Analytics as my donation to the internet and therefore didn't provide any options for others to donate or help fund its development.

Throughout the years, several people have asked me to be able to donate in some way but I flat out refused this all the time. But as conversations on this continued, my view on this has slowly changed.

Another thing that adds to the decision is that I I am currently rotating into a different profession (as a part time teacher). After I complete the transition, I would still very much like to be able to continue to support and develop Koko Analytics, hence this new initiative on OpenCollective.

Today, all development of the plugin is done by me while most support queries are handled by Harish and Arne, which I am paying through my company ibericode. It would be very nice if we could fund a few of their hours each month through this collective.

So, if you are currently using the plugin and would like to help, please consider donating a one-off or recurring amount of your choosing. 

Thank you.
Danny van Kooten

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