LaCassa Jo Jacelynn DuMarce

The Quarry



Grateful, Hope, Believe, Non-Judgemental
Hi I'm a resident of the quarry community also I am co-leader of the community, I makes sure the area we are on stays clean an make sure everyone gets food and stays warm and the peace is balanced. I believe that no one is better than the next no matter what color, title, background, or occupation you hold. I'm so happy for the people in my life an get me through my daily mental struggles. I am currently homeless well most of my adult life I have only had two homes one when I first turned 18 and about 3-4years ago I usually had a vehicle to be in. There are times I didn't want to fight no more but the world would send something or someone to remind me I'm here for a reason I always try and be positive, I love seeing growth!! If I could honestly I would stay where I am with just some small adjustments like running water and etc. It's simple living and the northeast community is amazing. To some they just see tents homeless people but to me this is all I have my dwelling my family n friends so again thank you for showing support, it's making a difference.