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OpenCutList 1.9.0 is out !
Published on June 8, 2020 by Boris Beaulant

After long weeks of work we are pleased to announce you that a new release of OpenCutList is available on the Extension Warehouse page.

What's new ?

  • Added russian language (thanks to Vladimir Badulya for joining the translators team)
  • Added self-updater
  • Added dimensional cutting diagram feature (thanks to Kai Schröder, CyberBLN, for code review and fixes)
  • Added flipped part detection
  • Added 'hit enter' behavior to validate forms in modal dialogs
  • Added part oversize parameters
  • Fixed some New Material modal issues
  • Improved cutlist scroll to first visible group (only if no alert)
  • Improved highlight tool to display part orientation with front and back face
  • Improved obsolete generated (materials, cutlist) management
  • Improved cutlist part numbers storing. Now, it take care of multiple part with the same definition.
  • Replaced 'selection only' warning by displaying this info in header

We wish you all the best and happy woodworking!

The OpenCutList team