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Open Collective
OpenCutList 1.9.9 is available!
Published on November 19, 2020 by Martin Mueller

This release of OpenCutList adds a News and a Forum tab to make it easier to stay up to date and ask/answer questions. This will be a very international forum, so please be kind!

On the technical side, we have

  • improved the Highlight part tool,
  • changed the volume unit for solid wood for users working in imperial units to FBM (foot, board measure),
  • improved the readabilty of volumes in inches and added better default values to be used as examples for imperial units,
  • renamed labels to tags, because of a possible future conflict with adhesive labels.

The self-updater tool now installs a signed version of the extension, even if you don't update via the Extension Manager but directly in OpenCutList.

We have not yet reached our goal of Mont Blanc on OpenCollective. Reports and Labels may be available with the next major release if we can get enough financial support.

We would like to thank all the contributors so far, your appreciation is very welcome!

Stay safe and enjoy woodworking!

The OpenCutList team