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OpenCutList 2.1.0 is out!
Published on May 31, 2021 by Martin Mueller

OpenCutList version 2.1.0 has just been accepted and signed by Trimble. It is available now at the Extension Warehouse and on github.

If you update, you get these new features:
  • the starting label can be selected for the first label sheet.
  • the instance path can be used in labels. If your components are inside of components or groups, they can be distinguished by the instance path.
  • a normal or small print margin can be selected.
We also fixed:
  • cleaner drawing of the arrow in the highlight tool for front and back view. The arrow would disappear when looking directly at it.
  • better handling of summable length/width in the parts list. Rough dimensions are shown when part is summable, even if the part has no oversize to make the sorting order more obvious.
We wish you all the best and happy woodworking!

The OpenCutList team 

Starting label
Instance path and name

Damien Branly

Posted on June 2, 2021


i've updated cutlist. Now i have a trouble on the naming of pieces. 
when i make the calepinage, some piece that are the same (with a name like A+) in the calepinage drawings the name is not A+ but differents names for each piece (even if they are the same) 
I would like to have the same name A+ on the calepinage drawings.
In the option i have already put the option Group same pieces


Boris Beaulant

Posted on June 3, 2021

Hi Damien,

Yes this is a change in 2.1.0. We consider that Cutting diagram and Labels render real instances. And in this case each part with its real name and number from the model.
Sorry there's no option to uses the grouped number "A+" in cutting diagrams or labels currently.
The only available solution for you is to rollback to 2.0.1 available here.

A question : In what case is it better to uses A+ instead of A, B, C in your cutting diagram ?