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OpenCutList 3.0.1 is out!
Published on December 11, 2021 by Martin Mueller

OpenCutList version 3.0.1 has just been accepted and signed by Trimble. It is available now at the Extension Warehouse and on github. The signed extension can simply be updated from the Update button, but remember to restart SketchUp!

This is just a minor release with small fixes that we could not finish in time for release 3.0.0, but that we didn't want to hold back.

The complete changelog is available on our github repository. We have
  • made the feedback more consistent when you use only a selection of parts.
  • changed the way mass unit and currency are saved to the model (now always).
  • changed the way the OpenCutList window remembers its size for SketchUp versions newer than 2021.1.
  • fixed a few things here and there.
The OpenCutList documentation available here is still work in progress, but we are looking forward to your feedback.
We wish you all the best and happy woodworking!

The OpenCutList team
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