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OpenCutList Translations: A Community Effort
Published on August 18, 2023 by Martin Mueller

In version 5.0.0, the community added Ukrainian as a new language, but unfortunately we had to drop support for Dutch. Some languages are used by hundreds of users (English, Spanish or Portuguese) and the community is very active. Unfortunately, the volunteers could not complete the translation for Dutch on time. Instead of keeping an incomplete translation, we decided to drop the language until the completion of the translation by the community.

With each new version of OpenCutList, new terms are added and need to be translated. While some of them are very simple, others are very complex and require a deep understanding of OpenCutList and woodworking.

We are very grateful to all translators for their excellent work. The availability of a translation sometimes depends on the effort of a single person.

  • Martin Müller (English, German)
  • Vladimir Badulya (Russian)
  • Pierluigi Colombo (Italian)
  • Nayton Sanches Barbosa, corrected and revised by Carlos Maciel ELT (Portuguese)
  • Leonardo Romero Giménez (Spanish)
  • Radek Rýznar (Czech)
  • Jarek Ostaszewski, Greg Gregosky (Polish)
  • Sergey Isupov (Hebrew), RTL interface not yet supported
  • Soul Issam (Arabic), RTL interface not yet supported
  • Nguyen Ngoc Tan (Vietnamese)
  • Andriy Toporivsky, Kostyantyn Shcherbey (Ukrainian

If you are using OpenCutList on a regular basis and you would like to make sure that your language will still be supported in the future, please help us!

Join us on Transifex or simply send your remarks to [email protected]

Our best wishes!

The OpenCutList team
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Gerardo Aguilar

Posted on August 20, 2023

buenos dias, quiero agradecer por su magnifica herramienta para facilitar mi trabajo.

quisiera saber como puedo configurar para que Open Cutlist pueda calcularme el precio del los tapacantos por metro lineal, hay proyectos donde debo comprar cantidades de tapacanto menores a la presentaciones en rollo de 100ML o 200ML.


Boris Beaulant

Posted on August 21, 2023

Hola Gerardo, y gracias por disfrutar de OpenCutList.

Utilice la columna "Usado" para averiguar el precio de la longitud utilizada.


Posted on September 3, 2023

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