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OpenCutList Version 2.0.1 released!
Published on April 13, 2021 by Martin Mueller

This release fixes the following bugs:
  • using offcuts in Sheet Goods could lead to a panic when these cannot contain parts (reported by Pedro Saraiva in Issue #285).
  • path issue for skp/skm on Win platform.
  • edge dimensions display bug in cutting diagram when using Imperial units.
We have also added a few extras to make up for the trouble of upgrading:
  • when using Sheet Goods with a grain direction, individual parts can be allowed to rotate (interface code contributed by slynn1324 in Issue #288, see first screenshot).
  • global and model presets are sorted.
  • edge lengths and widths can be used in labels (see second screenshot).
  • edge banding is displayed in cutting diagram.
  • cutting diagram for edge banding (not all terms translated yet!).
  • dimension display in cutting diagrams has been made more readable for small parts (see third screenshot).
  • tags are displayed in the parts list of the cutting diagram.
We would like to thank the translators (they are listed in the About) for their hard work.

When asking questions on the forum, please do not forget to confirm that an answer or particular solution worked as it may help readers in the future.

If OpenCutList helps you save time in your projects, please consider a donation (if you are not already a contributor) to help us make continous improvements.

Stay safe and enjoy woodworking!

The OpenCutList Team