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We need your help for better translations!
Published on February 7, 2023 by Martin Mueller

 Dear Contributors and Users,
We are currently working on some new features for OpenCutList version 5.0.0, such as the ability to define veneers on sheet goods. For each new feature, we need specialists to help us translate the terms from French/English/German to one of the supported languages. We would also appreciate help in maintaining the English/German version to make sure we always use the most appropriate terms.

Translations for OpenCutList are very difficult, because the translation programs are not very good at translating technical terms. For such translations, experienced SketchUp users who are also professional woodworkers would be more than welcome.

If you fit the above profile and would like to give back a few hours of your work to the community of OpenCutList users, please join our translation project on Transifex.

Thank you very much,

The OpenCutList Team

P.S.: We strive to promote any language with sufficient translator support, but we cannot publish incomplete translations. Please contact us before requesting a language that is not currently supported by SketchUp to make sure that the community of potential users is large enough to warrant a translation.


Posted on February 8, 2023

Hello, Martin!
 Russian translation I would be glad to help you, but fortunately you already have a wonderful translation into Russian...
I am very glad that veneer calculation will be added to Open Cut List version 5.0.0! Consider the possibility of additional calculation of the Area of the painted surface (I attached a screenshot for understanding, the area calculation is taken from the Fredo6 plugin)...
Maybe I 'm late and the Veneer add-on is already doing it ... I will be glad if it is so !
I wish you and your team great success !

Boris Beaulant

Posted on February 8, 2023

Hi Igor,

Consider the possibility of additional calculation of the Area of the painted surface

Currently you can display the "final area". It's the real area of the top face of the part (if it's possible to compute it). And in export module, you can multiply it by the number of sides or/and layers you will apply.
(But it dosen't compute the sum)

Else it will be quite tricky to merge multiple data from the same source. 
- If this mesure is taken from part material, how to count only one side for exemple ?
- What about edges (that could have a different material) ?


Posted on March 8, 2023

Hi Igor,
If you need help regarding Portuguese translation I would be glad to help.
I've been using OCL and it's superb! 
By the way, I'm very exciting about the new feature in v5 about the project weight. Right now I have to use Excel to make all the calculations.

Martin Mueller

Posted on March 8, 2023


If you want to help with the Portuguese translation, join our team of translators at