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We currently support members from BAME & LBGT and other hard to reach community members to, build community resilience by facilitating and bridging to services.

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                        Latin American Multicultural Group 

                                                                        Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group 

Latin American Multicultural Group have created and supported various community projects in South London since 2004. 

We have been working within the Latin American Communities and other ethnic minority communities in London, including LGBT and other hard to reach community members. To build community resilience by facilitating and bridging to services. We are also working in partnership with community leaders and residents, alongside community radio stations and local businesses. 

We have collaborated in the delivery of food, medicines, personal care items, and clothing. Also providing interpreting and translating services, as language barriers have always been identified as the main barrier to accessing advice and support throughout London. But in also acknowledging that they face other barriers such as, local awareness, lack of support, learning difficulties & disabilities, and mental health. 

Most of our service users have never accessed welfare support due to various barriers. We are providing support to negative systems in housing, financial insecurities/ hardship, education, health care and general community support. 

We are also making referrals to relevant agencies on issues of immigration, welfare, employment, education, and health issues including mental health. 

We have liaised with law professionals who are able to advice on issues of UK status and rights to access support. We have identified huge provisions gaps, for those with immigration restrictions, but none the less affected by Covid-19. 

We have also supported families to establish communication lines with elderly relatives in care and other family members that have been isolating throughout this time. 

We aim to share accurate and reputable information on Covid-19 at local level as well as aid access to Government advice and support. 

We have been able to work and support the community because of the support and donations that we get from members of the local community. 

Since 2004 LAMG has supported and developed various projects in the community. Over the years we have strived to maintain a high-level service to all, by mainly focusing on acceptance, care, and empowerment. Our aim has been to help address issues in our communities. By not only focusing on the issues/problems and supporting the symptoms, but by also addressing and helping to heal the root of the problem.

We promote the principles and values of Equality & Diversity. Which to us means that we welcome and celebrate working within a multi-cultural society, and believe that no one should be treated unfairly regardless of who you are.
We are so grateful for all your support no matter however it is. We also thank you for taking the time to read about LAMG. If you would like to have more information about LAMG, want to volunteer or contribute please feel free to contact us.