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Creative West End - More than a Market


To run an activity stall on all 5 summer markets in Morecambe West End, May - September 2023


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L9These crafting events have been financed by a grant from More Music in Morecambe. We have been promised £200 to fund these events. Each volunteer, for a 5 hour market (11-4), is being compensated for travel expenses (around £5) and lunch (£10).

Sat 13th May - Printmaking - Bil & Bianca
Sat 10th June - Hand made games - Bil & Jamie
Sat 8th July - Hand made games - Bil & Tim
Sat 12th August - Hand made games - Cancelled
Sat 9th September - Hand made games - Unable to attend

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Bil Bas

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John Barbrook

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