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Online platform for co-op entrepreneurs to get assistance in starting and growing worker co-ops in the US


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Vision: We envision a more just and sustainable economy, with cooperative ownership a common and well-understood form of business in the United States, providing access to economic power and community-controlled wealth for those who have been left out of our current economy . 

Mission: Our mission is to help scale up the number of worker co-ops in the United States by providing high-quality, accessible tools that will help smooth the process of co-op formation, and will allow co-op developers to serve their clients more efficiently, creating more successful co-ops with the resources available to them . 

In the age of accessible technology and information sharing, aggregates and organizes the wealth of resources created by the worker co-op movement in a digital platform that empowers lay individuals and groups to plan for success, access technical assistance resources, and operationalize thriving worker cooperatives. The platform is built upon a foundational knowledge base, is kept up-to-date with the latest information, and helps workers and developers navigate complex steps with ease through an exceptional user experience.

Values: The members of are committed to the following values,
  • Organize based on cooperative principles
  • Respect and celebrate diverse learning styles
  • Draw wisdom from the community
  • Leverage technology as a tool for empowerment, liberation, and inclusion
Worker Co-ops Contribute to Movements for Racial and Economic Justice
Worker cooperatives are values-driven businesses that put worker and community benefit at the core of their purpose.  They promote good work, fair pay, job security and community.  Organizations undertaking economic development to build wealth in poor communities and BIPOC communities have used worker cooperatives as a powerful vehicle for addressing economic inequality. 

Racial Demographics of worker owners continues to show a growing majority of BIPOC, with a concentration of Latine workers.

Pay Ratio:
Worker co-ops have an average pay ratio of 2:1, in contrast to the average large U.S. corporation has a CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 320-to-1.
We are committed to making an accessible platform that builds language justice and racial and economic equity. Our team also understand that there are barriers to adopting new technical tools. 
We will host workshops and co-design sessions with a variety of potential users to validate their needs and design for diversity. 

Building accessibility into the platform requires additional funds beyond technical and business development expenses. 

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