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EOFY Update
Published on March 24, 2024 by Ananda Card

Lead Aware NZ has picked up these past few months and things are looking positive. We now have an active website. Social media is engaged with over 3000 Facebook  and 700 instagram followers. 

Playground Project. The late 2022 playground project was successful in gathering valuable data which is now being compiled into a report. Data was also gathered from XRF testing of some ceramics which have been published on SM and the website. GeoHydroK8 is being compensated partially by a koha from donors and we are grateful for their support and donation of their time and instrument.

Swab giveaway. Scitus generously donated 100 packs of lead paint test swabs. After announcing the giveaway on SM, we quickly surpassed the available stock. More than 8 "letterbox collection points" were established with supporting members to distribute the kits to nearby families, enabling a significant savings in courier charges. Currently working through logistics of getting the swabs to everyone, which has been a massive undertaking.

XRF Testing. A long-awaited testing service has just been launched. Families can send in crockery, toys, soil, etc and testing will reveal the heavy metal makeup of the item for a $20 suggested donation. This donation will enable free testing for schools and ECEs, as well as free community events. This is the first time such a service has been offered in New Zealand. All results will be published on the Lead Aware NZ website to increase the understanding of heavy metal content in local products. 

Government submissions 
- EPA Proposal to reduce lead levels in paint to 90 ppm and change group standards on children's art materials. Lead Aware NZ submitted a response to this proposal and was able to get several members of the public to submit supporting responses as well.
- 2025 Total Diet Study. As part of the Wasteminz Residential Lead Working Group, our response to the TDS proposal was able to get the addition of cocoa, cinnamon, and salt into the testing plan. This is a definite win.

There's been a lot going on and 2024 is looking to make a significant impact. Lead Aware NZ is grateful for all financial donors and social media and community support!