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2nd bugfix LibreCAD released!
Published on July 29, 2023 by Armin Stebich (LordOfBikes)

Today we could release a 2nd bugfix release for stable 2.2.0 release.
While the 1st bugfix release addressed an official CVE vulnerability, this 2nd one fixes two more, undetected vulnerabilities.

There is also many activity on the master branch recently. But, with nearly 20,000 lines changed, it is still considered in alpha status. Some of the added features are not ready and need rework. Also the latest version can crash because of undetected issues in new features.
Anybody is welcome to test the latest version and report issues on GitHub, but if you need LibreCAD for production, stay with the stable 2.2.0.x releases.

Many thanks again for the overwhelming support here!

The LibreCAD team