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Liz Henry hangs out at Noisebridge and Double Union hackerspaces, loves open source software and anarchism, has worked as a software release manager for Mozilla and Twitch, dabbles in game development (MUDs, Inform7); and writes, edits, and does literary translation. 

Liz works at Twitch as a manager of a small team of program managers, and also at Borealis Philanthropy as a program manager for the Disability x Tech fund.  They are also a founding member of Awesome Foundation Disability, a non-profit that, with a very easy to complete grant application, gives away $1000 a month to disabled creators for small projects. 

GOAT, or Grassroots Open Assistive Tech, is Liz’s new venture, which will serve as a pathway for assistive technology inventors, hackers, wheelchair modders, etc. to open license their work to share with the world, so that disabled people can have free access to DIY, low cost equipment, and make it work for them.

You can find more of Liz’s writing, translation, essays, and blogging at and for microblogging, @[email protected]