Contributing to the Llanidloes Covid 19 Mutual Aid Fund
Published on April 16, 2020 by Nick Venti

Dear Contributor,

Please allow us to thank you in advance for all the financial support we receive on these pages.

The Mutual Aid Fund has been set up to support the work of the Llanidloes and District Covid 19 group in the present crisis. The funds raised are available to support a number of different initiatives that support all those in our community suffering hardship, whether due to sickness, furlough, or inability to work or go to school during the current lock down.

We are supporting a number of initiatives, such as the Llani Pantri foodbank and the project to ensure that school pupils in the Llanidloes area have the equipment they need to access on line learning during periods of lock down. To donate to a specific cause, please use the appropriate donation box as this enables us to 'ring fence' funds to that cause.

Please note, when contributing by Card or Paypal, payment processing fees apply. These are generally 1.4% + 20p and 2.4% and 30p respectively.

Bank transfers via online banking do not incur a charge and are paid to the Social Change Agency, who bank with the UK based Metro Bank. If contributing by these means, you will be sent an e-mail containing the bank details and a reference number. Please quote the payment reference number supplied when you commit to the donation - as this ensure the money is credited to the Llanidloes Covid 19 Mutual Aid Fund.

Many thanks

The Admins.