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Open Collective

Regeneration Resource Hub


We develop our capacity for bioregional regeneration with sharing circles, mapping and policy development.


Our members are developing proposals for a decision making process! So far, we have propositions that include sharing circles, documentaries, water conservation and supply chain policy development.

Please request a meeting here to test or play with an invitation. 
Proposals may be generators for guaranteed income or messing around and finding out. 

We are a family of creatives designing for a kind life now, there is always time to care, BIG LOVE!

Danielle “Uhuru” Hilton Lombard and Karim Malak currently reside in the Southeast United States and South Spain respectively and work locally and virtually to support capacity building individuals and groups. Karim and Uhuru are fluent in English and Spanish. “Uhuru” means “freedom” in Swahili. Uhuru is a descendant of ones from Africa, North America and Jamaica lineages. Uhuru is a new regenerative producer, systems designer, and cooperatives coach. “Karim”, one who is “generous” in Arabic, is a native of Lebanon, grew up in a multicultural environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Formed as an environmental engineer, his current focus is on spreading permaculture solutions and fostering cultures of connection glocally.

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