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GoFundMe Campaign: Keep Love Wins NYC Alive
Published on April 10, 2024 by Mauricio Piratova

Dear Love Wins Community and Friends,

Since 2020, we have been a vital resource for thousands of low-income families across New York City. Thanks to supporters like you, we have had the opportunity to engage in strategies for long term sustainability, 2024 being a key year for us.

Unfortunately, in late February 2024, the Love Wins NYC Food Pantry faced unexpected news that significantly impacted our operations. Our fiscal sponsor, the Open Collective Foundation, announced its dissolution, affecting over 600 organizations. Having a fiscal sponsor allowed us to legally operate as a nonprofit without the administrative overhead of being a nonprofit ourselves. Since March 15th, we’ve stopped receiving donations through their platform. The loss of our 501(c)(3) status has resulted in losing funding from foundation and corporate grants. Currently, we are actively exploring other methods for receiving donations to ensure uninterrupted services to our community – and we need your help.

We have created a GoFundMe campaign to sustain our operations in the upcoming months. As a community-led organization, the Love Wins NYC Food Pantry heavily relies on the kindness and generosity of individual donors. We are seeking to fundraise $25,000 between now and July 1st.

Your continued support will allow us to:
  • Administer seven pantries in low-income neighborhoods across New York City, keeping our promise to LGBTQ+ & immigrant communities, often unable to access government programs.
  • Purchase fresh produce, annually impacting the health and wellness of more than 20,000 New Yorkers needing this support.
  • Undergo the process of becoming our own 501(c)(3) organization so we can provide the support low-income New Yorkers deserve for years to come.

We will come out of this process as a stronger organization, but the 501(c)(3) process takes time. As we navigate this transition, we are immensely grateful for your understanding and solidarity, and we hope to continue receiving your support so we can make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity in New York City.

We know the power of community coming together. If you are able to please donate and help us spread the word with your community about our fundraising efforts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mauricio Piratova at [email protected]

Thank you,
The Love Wins NYC Food Pantry
Open Collective
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