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Love Wins NYC Food Pantry

Love Wins NYC Food Pantry is a queer-centric and volunteer-led effort addressing food insecurity among our neighbors in New York City. We distribute quality fresh and free produce to hundreds of families every month.


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News from Love Wins NYC Food Pantry

Updates on our activities and progress.

GoFundMe Campaign: Keep Love Wins NYC Alive

Dear Love Wins Community and Friends, Since 2020, we have been a vital resource for thousands of low-income families across New York City. Thanks to supporters like you, we have had the o...
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Published on April 10, 2024 by Mauricio Piratova

Update: Recurring Contributions Pausing

Dear Love Wins NYC Food Pantry community, In February 2024, our organization faced unexpected news that significantly impacted our operations. Our fiscal sponsor, the Open Collective Foundation, announced its dissolution, affecting over 600...
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Published on March 15, 2024 by Mauricio Piratova

Help us end 2023 strong!

Dear Love Wins NYC Food Pantry (LWNYCFP) community, Since its founding, the LWNYCFP has been a critical ally to our New York City community. 2023 did not only marked 3 years of operations but it was also a year of expansion....
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Published on December 2, 2023 by Daniel Puerto


What initially started as a community-based, collective effort for the LGBTQ community of Queens has organically grown into a larger movement to address food insecurity among all of our neighbors, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or immigration status.   

Love Wins Food Pantry is operated by a diverse group of volunteers. We rely on the generous support of donors and partners to provide fresh vegetables and non-perishable items to all of our neighbors in Queens. 

We pride ourselves in creating in a safe space for LGBTQ and gender non-confirming people especially, but we eagerly help anyone who needs it during these difficult times.   Not everyone is comfortable going to a church-based food pantry, so we operate out of a LGBTQ bar, Friends Tavern.

Please donate and help feed our neighbors.