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Love Wins Food Pantry

Love Wins Food Pantry is a queer-centric and volunteer-led effort to address food insecurity among our neighbors in Queens. We distribute free food to hundreds of families every week. Find out more at


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Inflation hits the Love Wins Food Pantry double-hard. The food we buy is more expensive, and mor...

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Monthly Sustainer

Love Wins is in it for the long haul. We plan on distributing food every week at least until the economy fully re-opens. Join us in this effort.

Starts at$5 USD / month

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Breakfast Donation

Your donation of any amount will pay for food for your neighbors in need. Please give generously.

Starts at$10 USD

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Lunch Donation

Hundreds of donors have stepped up to support Love Wins, and larger gifts are able to fuel us further. Please give what you can.

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Feast Donation

The biggest donations provide food to those who need it and a sense of stability to our collective of volunteers.

Starts at$400 USD

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Top financial contributors


SAGE Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders

$8,671.2 USD since Sep 2022

Citizens Committee for New York City

$5,250 USD since Aug 2021

Fidelity Charitable

$5,000 USD since Apr 2022

Planned Parenthood

$3,509.43 USD since Sep 2022

Neighborhood Aid

$2,500 USD since Apr 2021

Queens Public Library

$950 USD since Jun 2022

Alice M. O'Brien Foundation

$500 USD since Nov 2022

Misfits Market Inc.

$404 USD since Oct 2021


Queens Night Market

$5,500 USD since Sep 2021

Amelia Adams

$2,000 USD since Apr 2021

William Gonzalez

$1,600 USD since Apr 2021

Cyrus Moore

$1,600 USD since Jun 2021

Anastasia Chiu

$1,260 USD since Jun 2021

w&p design

$1,210 USD since Jul 2021

Kayle Pauline

$1,100 USD since Dec 2021

Jane Liddle

$1,050 USD since Feb 2021

Jeremy Benjamin

$750 USD since Feb 2021

Michael J Greenberger

$750 USD since Mar 2021

Love Wins Food Pantry is all of us

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Mark Buhrmester


$735 USD

Gabriela Sand...


$425 USD

Carly Sorenson


$365 USD

Daniel Puerto

Collectively, we make sure that everyone in our...

Queens Night ...

In Memory of Filiberto Leon...

$5,500 USD


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$5,604.51 USD

Total raised

$71,990.08 USD

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$66,385.57 USD

Estimated annual budget

$45,854.28 USD


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News from Love Wins Food Pantry

Updates on our activities and progress.

Join us on August 11 + Donate so No One Stays Hungry

Hello Love Wins Supporters! This morning, the Love Wins Food Pantry team distributed about 8 tons of food to 400+ families. We are a little tired but we are energized! We are writing today with an important update, an invit...
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Published on July 29, 2022 by Mark Buhrmester

Celebrating Two Years of Love Wins -- March with us at Queens Pride!

Happy Pride, everyone! As we enter June, we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Love Wins Food Pantry. We couldn’t have made it this far without our donors and volunteers. Thank you for the love and care you have shown fo...
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Published on June 1, 2022 by Mark Buhrmester

Looking Back on 2021

The Love Wins Food Pantry accomplished so much in 2021 with the help of volunteers, donors, partner organizations and a supportive community. Facilitated 71 volunteer-led food distribution events, including 32 in partnership with Colectivo...
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Published on December 31, 2021 by Mark Buhrmester


What initially started as a community-based, collective effort for the LGBTQ community of Queens has organically grown into a larger movement to address food insecurity among all of our neighbors, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or immigration status.   

Love Wins Food Pantry is operated by a diverse group of volunteers. We rely on the generous support of donors and partners to provide fresh vegetables and non-perishable items to all of our neighbors in Queens. 

We pride ourselves in creating in a safe space for LGBTQ and gender non-confirming people especially, but we eagerly help anyone who needs it during these difficult times.   Not everyone is comfortable going to a church-based food pantry, so we operate out of a LGBTQ bar, Friends Tavern.

Please donate and help feed our neighbors.

Our team

Daniel Puerto

Collectively, we make sure that everyone in our...